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What we do

Living and learning in the past for you

The Household stands out from the masses because our members have studied the period closely, and have acquired (and continue to acquire) accessories which are as authentic as reasonably possible. We can also bring genuine artifacts from the period that we portray.

As well as the people, we can bring large amounts of accessories, from flint and tinder to portraits, and from quills to accurate oak furniture. We usually give visitors the chance to examine genuine 17th-century items such as books.

We can move into a period house and fill several rooms with furniture, paintings, furnishings and cooking equipment, as well as the smaller items which provide the natural background to our activities. Members of The Household include educational, heritage and museums professionals, so we know how important it is to protect the historic settings in which we provide living history activities.

Our style ensures that visitors to your site depart with an idea of how things might once have been, and often they have learned something that is of wider use.

The kit we bring will depend on the circumstances. If we have the right sort of setting we will bring a wide range of material, including paintings, books, furniture, kitchen equipment, a functioning dairy, and gardening equipment. If cooking facilities are not available we prepare meals of pre-cooked cold foods. For children who may never have seen cheese other than in plastic packets, even this is a learning opportunity.


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