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To August 09

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AFTER the unexpected surrender of Bristoll, the city of Gloucester was assaulted with severall letters, messages, and such verball solicitations, by divers in the king's army of no meane quality, thereby pretending our good, and expressions of their love and care of us, but really intending their own sinister ends and our destruction. Amongst the rest, there came a letter on Friday, August 4, dated August 3, from a captaine of a troope of horse in the king's army, to Mr. Alderman Pury, one of the Burgesses of the parliament for this city, full of perswasive oratory for the yeelding up of this city, with great promises as heretofore of preferment, and braggs of the greatnesse of the army that was then on their march coming against us, viz. All Prince Rupert's forces from Bristoll, with addition of fifteen hundred armed Welch, and two thousand club-men out of Wales, and armes sufficient to arme them from Bristoll, eight hundred foote with a regiment of horse from Worcester, and five thousand foote with a brigado of horse of the queene's forces from Oxford, and if he would send an answer, it must be by the Sunday-night following or not at all; But Mr. Alderman Pury, (whose fidelity is sufficiently known to be so firme to the parliament, that it is not to be shaken by promises or threats) thinking it not worthy of, so accordingly sent no answer .

Saturday, August 5. We received intelligence, that about two thousand horse from Bristoll were advanced within ten miles of this city, whereupon severall messengers were dispatched to the parliament.

Sunday, August 6. Generall Garret faced this city with his brigado of horse in Tredworth-Field, and sent a trumpeter to the governour for four horses of his formerly taken by a party of ours in Cotswold, for which he offered others in exchange for them, or any other satisfaction. In the after-noone, a small party of horse and foote commanded by Captaine Blunt, and assisted by Lieutenant Colonell Matthewes, Captaine White, Captaine Pury the younger, and Captaine Lieutenant Harcus issued forth of the North-gate, and at Wotton tooke about ten prisoners, and sending home the foote, the said captaines with the few horse they had, went along to Upton, St. Leonards, and thence to the foote of Painswickes-hill, on the top of which they discovered a party of the enemies' horse, and so going round about by Matson, they retreated without the losse or hurt of any. This day we wrought hard in the amending and repairing of our bulwarkes.

Munday, August 7. Newes came to Captaine Pury the younger to Gloucester, That the enemy was plundering at Tuffleigh, about a mile and halfe from Gloucester, newly assigned for his quarters for the billeting of his souldiers, who thereupon acquainted captaine Evans therewith, resolving to take what men of theirs they could on the suddaine get to surprize the enemy; But being come thither, assisted with Lieutenant Pierce, they understood that they were gone away with their plunder to Mr. Wood's house at Brockthroppe, about a mile and a halfe further: They thereupon (having not above forty foote, and some few of Captaine Backhouse's horse) left some few foote to secure their retreat, and with the rest marched forward to meete with the enemy, skirmished with them, compelled them to take refuge in the house, killed one in the orchard, and hurt or killed others in the house, and tooke one prisoner, and seven horses: But perceiving a party of horse, that looked on on the hill all the while, to make towards them, they were forced to retreat without any losse, only one through his own indiscretion taken prisoner. As they were just at the Towne's-end, they met with the governour and a party of musketteers coming to their rescue, newes being brought to towne that they were in danger of being cut off.

Tuesday, August 8. We understood that the king with all the foote from Bristoll, and carriages, were come to Berkeley, and that they intended to speed their march towards us.

Wednesday , August 9. We had intelligence that provision was made for the entertainment of his majesty at Princknedge, in the Lady Bridgeman's house, about three miles off the city, and that the foote and carriages would be there that night: we likewise received intelligence, that the Lord Chando's that day dined at Brockworth, at the Lady Guise's there, whereupon a party went out of the North- gate towards Barnewood, skirmished with the enemy, and did some execution upon them, and amongst the rest a little boy of Captaine Nelme's company, having shot away all his bullets, charged his musket with a pebble stone, and killed a commander therewith; we retreated without any losse at all.


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