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The Military

Living and learning in the past for you

The period that we attempt to recreate was amongst the most unsettled in British history. A civil war ravaged the country during the middle years of the 17th century, fuelled by growing power in the merchant and middle classes, increasing belief in a personal God amongst non-conformist Christians, and a conviction that the king ruled by divine right - or not, as the case may be.

The Household therefore works closely with one or two military units in the Sealed Knot - Colonel Richard Bagot's and Sir John Owen's. Both are royalist regiments based on genuine original ones. They are often a garrison based on the house belonging to the The Household - whether enthusiastically or grudgingly supported or unwelcome but accepted because of their power.

The officers are frequently entertained in the house by the gentry, while the sergeants will perhaps strike up friendships with the female servants in the kitchens. Occasionally an ordinary soldier will risk punishment by attempting to enter the rooms set aside for the use of his ‘betters’, or by striking up a temporary relationship with one of the female staff.


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