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The Gentry

Living and learning in the past for you

Seventeenth-century society was based on a clear structure with the king at the top, underpinned by different levels of aristocracy and commoners. There was clear sense of service and respect upwards, but this was matched by a responsibility downwards. The system was not simply for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful, but also ensured the protection of the poor and needy.
The household of our title belongs to a member of the minor aristocracy,
Sir Watkyn Morgan (but this can be tailored to the location if an historical character is known for the particular house or property). Sir Watkyn has family and friends visiting him and is supported by an appropriate range of staff and servants, as well as visiting traders and craftsmen.
A frequent visitor is
Sir David Riddler, a long-time friend of Sir Watkyn.


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