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Living and learning in the past for you

Our living history is different from most, as we act as a functioning household, with all the relationships which are to be encountered in such an environment. Between ourselves we are a 17th-century family and friends; the visitor can experience both meeting 17th-century characters who are unfamiliar with their world, and those who can talk to them about life in the period. We therefore ensure that all classes of visitor can get something enjoyable and educational from a visit.
Our watchword is accessibility. We want people to feel they have good reason to return, and we have found that many do come back year after year.
Sir Watkyn, for example, is unlikely to be drawn out of his 17th-century personality unless the enquirer is in genuine need of information that can only be given in that way.
Others, particularly in the areas of practical skills like cooking, painting, medicine, will often explain their work in a modern style.


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