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Lodge Park

Living and learning in the past for you

Lodge Park is a National Trust property in North Gloucestershire, originally built as a grandstand for deer-coursing by Sir John Dutton.

The Household was invited to people the building during a Sealed Knot muster in June 2003, and again in September to provide authentic background for a deerhound drag-coursing event..

Picture Gallery.
Images with the kind permission of the National Trust.

Follow this link to see the National Trust Lodge Park site:

On one occasion alone we took with us the following furniture:

  • 8 tables
  • 2 benches
  • 5 joint stools
  • 12 table carpets
  • 2 Italian embroidered table cloths
  • A table-full of pewter and glass vessels
  • A table-full of pewter and ceramic plates and platters
  • 5 games
  • 2 calculating demonstrations
  • and the following food:
  • 2 five-pound hand-raised pork pies
  • 1 Single Gloucester Cheese
  • 1 Double Gloucester Cheese
  • 1 Brie cheese
  • 2 Venison pies
  • 2 Game pies
  • 2 Grand Sallets
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