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Living and learning in the past for you

Josiah Clutterbuck is the aged retainer, formerly the personal servant of the father of his master. Josiah was bequeathed to the master, along with an admonition to care for him in his dotage. Josiah is clever enough to play on this, and ensures that he serves the master adequately - but he is noted for his fondness for ale and wines (good or bad) and his selective deafness. Josiah works hard to appear simple, and is therefore overlooked by most of the household.

In reality Josiah is more learned than he pretends, and can discourse in Latin or quote the plays of the late William Shakespeare if the mood takes him. He is far more likely to regale any listener with anecdotes about rules for living which his mother gave to him ("start every day with a good drop of ale, Josiah", for example).

After a lifetime of service, sadly Josiah passed on, to serve his original master in the afterlife. In reality a former grammar school teacher, Cy Campbell came to re-enactment through his wife after retirement. He found new friends and developed a unique persona as Josiah, and is sorely missed by all of us.

Sadly, since writing this Josiah, or to give him his proper name Cy Campbell has passed away. Out of respect for him and his skills as a member of The Household, we have decided to retain his page.


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