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Living and learning in the past for you

We try to match our activities to the property to which we have been invited. Here we were operating at Lodge Park - a National Trust site where the original function of the building was as a place for gambling on deer-coursing.

We took with us a range of 17th-century games to play and demonstrate to the visiting public, who in many cases were able to enjoy trying them. We also designed a game specifically for the site, which was playable in minutes, but proved to be a great hit with the management as well as the visitors!

Here Lady Dorothea and Lady Margaret enjoy a game of Irish - an early version of backgammon. Also visible are a chess set of authentic design, and the game of goose - arguably the first modern-type of board game. This latter can be particularly frustrating as it can take ages to play, with the stakes climbing all the time.

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