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The dining table provides an amusing moment for visitors to Harvington

Sunday 13 & Monday 14 August 2017
The National Trust welcomes us back for more information about the gentry and their lives.
We will be showing FOODSTUFFS and a bit about CHILDCARE, but mainly  GAMES available to the different classes of Stuart society and  methods of CALCULATING at the time, using a range of calculating techniques and devices.
See what is thought to be the only demonstrated example in the UK of a replica of the first commercial mechanical calculator - the Pascaline and perhaps handle original 17th-century items.

The Household is a group of re-enactors who come together to provide live 17th-century history events in mainly domestic situations. We specialise in turning 16th- or 17th- century houses into living homes, with a family, household retainers, guests and visiting traders.

We believe that no other groups of our size can offer the range and originality of what we can bring to an event. We pioneered several areas of 17th-century reenactment and remain the only users of a Pascaline in the UK - see What we Do - Reckoning.
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